The Real 5 Card Draw

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      Lets talk about the real 5 Card Draw.

      5 Card Draw Fixed-Limit:

      I open a High Stakes table of 5 Card Draw Fixed-Limit and is just stupid in my opinion. Is just playing with the hand ranges and aggressively all the time.
      One day you have lucky and win other day you lose a lot. It's just pray for luck.

      5 Card Draw Pot-Limit:

      This is a very different game but the fact that you can't see any card of your opponent, you don't have any 100% idea of what cards does the opponet have is just crazy.
      5 Card Draw Pot-Limit is a game of skills and tells but it continues to be Draw.

      What makes you play 5 Card Draw?

      Me is because is a very simple game compared to other variances. Is a nice game to play with friends nothing else.

      The Real Poker Game:

      I think that Stud is the greatest Poker game ever.
      Is so complex, so mathematical, so full of fellings and brain that it takes to much study and brains to know how this game really is. I'm a bad Stud player, I put too much trust in luck a factor that I claim to be non-existent in Stud.
      It is an amazing game and I'm sorry not to play as well as I play 5 Card Draw, but i'm trying to change that reading some nice articles on 2+2 and the David "Cheep" Reese article in Super System.

      As Mike Caro's says: "Stud is the most Poker profitable game if well played."

      Tell me what do you think?
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      I actually like FL 5-Card Draw.

      I think that the edge goes to knowing
        the relative value of each of the hands
        the importance of position
        when and how to bluff profitably
        when and how to bluff catch profitably -- and when not to.

      Yes there is luck involved, but as you play against the same people day after day you get to know what to do and when.

      I do well at stud on the play money tables.
      Not so much real money.

      I had intended on playing 100K hands of 5-Card Draw as a project, and I've now exceeded that, but like I say I enjoy it.

      I might do stud next -- but it would be 7-Card, and probably not Hi/Lo

      Razz looks like loads of fun too, and 2-7 triple draw seems like luckbox heaven to me.

      I read Mike Caro's section of SuperSystem but it doesn't really apply nowadays, since it involves a joker, and antes.

      5-Card Draw with antes is about all there was when I was growing up -- it seems like that is "Poker" and all the rest are just variations.

      I have played 5-Card Draw on line up to $3/$6 but I found the $1/$2 and up just filled with hyper aggro types.

      When they come down to $0.10/$0.20 though, I can handle them, and will call (or raise) them, but I have a hard time doing that at $1/$2. When $2 means as little to me as $0.20 then I'll probably do OK at $1/$2