bad run of cards

    • fozzmann
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      high im new to playing poker online and i have been playing micro fixed limit games... literally 0.02/0.04 cents blinds. when i first started at this level i was doing quite well, always leaving up in money. but over the last couple of days ive been trying to brush up on my strategy and ive been playing pretty tight, but i can never seem to get a hand that i can play and then if i get one i can play it rarely goes well, either i dont hit anything on the flop or i play aggressively and i lose a lot of chips. i know its common that people get a bad run of cards but ive only been playing about a week and this bad run is super annoying, ive been playing nearly all day and ive gotten nothing... is there any way of getting out of it or ways of dealing with it? ive entered a couple of freeroll tournaments to hopefully mix things up a bit
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    • DrDunne
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      hey fozzman. there is absolutely nothing you can do about not getting playable hands/not getting paid off. the one most important thing that you have said is:

      ive only been playing about a week

      it is very normal for beginning players to win a little at the start and then start wondering where it's all going wrong. the thing is you just have to keep folding if you get nothing and stick to it. you also need to just keep betting out when you hit something and even if it feels like everyone folds when you hit, they wont! its just short term bad luck if they do and you need to look past winning or losing and judge your sessions on how well you've played.

      if you play aggressively and lose a lot of chips, then it could be that you are overvaluing your hands maybe. or maybe it is just short term bad luck again - i can't really say because i don't see the hands and i don't play fixed limit.

      all i can recommend is for you to read, study and get more practice in playing. there are tons of articles on fixed limit and a bunch of videos as well. i also suggest you look into increasing your status from basic. if you can do this then you'll have access to much more material for you to work on your game.

      in order to increase your status, you will need to sign up to one of our partner rooms, make a deposit, and when you start playing you will gain points which will instantly update your status. alternatively, if you don't want to deposit then you should check out the free poker money offers. and finally if you don't want to do that then there is the points store where you can simply buy a new status.

      i hope that helps. and gl at the tables!

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      as the doctor said. this is normal.

      don't worry about short term results, they are meaningless. focus on learning and making good decisions.