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    • breastwork
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      i'm having problems when playing: whenever i running 888, my cpu usage shoots up to 100% and the majority of this is poker.exe.

      I have old pc just for office work: single core AMD 2.4ghz (2.5g ram)..

      But for example running Party poker costs my 9% usage. It is impossible for 888 to drain so much. I also use Tournament shark.

      What am I missing? Is there some way to fix it?

      Reinstallation didnt work for me so far.
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    • maythany
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      Same thing happened to me when I used to play at 888 too. It got so damn crazy at times!

      I was multi-tabling MTTs and playing poker cam 6 max games and it got so laggy I disconnected so many times to the point where I just got frustrated.

      It's not laggy when you're playing 1 tables though.

      I have a AMD Phenom (tm) II Dual-Core Processor 3.00 Ghz
      4.00 GB ram
      64-bit operating system
      This is a 2009 laptop too.

      If it lags for me then I really don't think it's your PC at all. You may want to cut down on the amount of tables you are playing.

      Take Care,

    • breastwork
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      Mostly I just play just ONE table. My main room is Party.

      The CPU usage problem starts as soon as I turn on 888 software (before login).

      I not sure but I used to play here without this problem few months ago.

      Its like random 888 sound problem: sometimes it works sometimes doesnt.

      I think writing to support is waste of time. Lastly they adviced me to turn on my speakers:) to gain sound even though I described my problem precisely.
    • breastwork
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      I solved it. I had to also clean registers after uninstallation.

      Clean Installation works fine so far :f_love: .
    • inoimbluffingdou
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      You may want to eventually upgrade your computer to a more modern one for playing to avoid issues caused by an older one.
    • sileekhunt
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      I found it doing this just now.

      I decided to turn off HEM showing lifetime graph of hands under all aliases & moved it to just my 888 player name (with fewer hands to show) & it seemed to solve the prob.