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    • kokuzbaksuz
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      I've been playing for couple of weeks now at FTP through PS and had some ups and downs, but I noticed something about my game. I have tendency to call where I should probably fold or raise. Although I know the SHC by heart now and been reading articles, I still tend to steer away from the "book". I hate doing that but I end up doing it anyway. Do I lack enough discipline? What should I do? To me, it seems that I like to experiment sometimes and hate to fold hands like KQs when I am not in position...
      Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
      Thanks a lot!
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    • Kraelog
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      Discipline is what you need,
      Discipline will help you,
      Discipline will raise your bankroll,
      Discipline will prevent Tilts,
      Discipline will make you a good poker player
      Discipline is THE Fundamental skill for a beginning poker player

      Easier said than done off course :D
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      Discipline is what you need

      solid gold words from platinum. :)
      I `ve got similar problem.I often don`t want to raise medium hands against limpers when I should do it(IP).This happens especially when I `ve got not profitable or break even session. But usually I say to myself ``raise,raise, Hasenbraten said you have to``. and I raise. :D
      Good luck.
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      I always find it hard resisting the urge to play KJs on the button, AJs from MP3 etc. I know the SHC by heart and I know I shouldnt do those things, but when the time comes I just say what the hell and do it anyway. I still won money doing that on NL10, but a week ago I switched to NL25 and got absolutely hammered playing those marginal hands. I have lost 30% of my bankroll, and am slowly learning to stick exactly to the SHC. Some things just need to be learned the hard way I guess. If you have elephant or PT, it may help to go through your hand history and add up all the losses you have had playing with those hands - the shock of seeing how much $$$ you have given away could set you straight quite quickly.