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      Hey Sunny,

      Apologies for the considerable delay in getting back to you and many thanks for your suggestion. I am not a frequent 2+2 user so I wasn't sure about what you meant at first but after asking around I know have some knowledge.

      To be blunt, I don't believe a marketplace would work very well here in the English Community. There are many reasons why I would believe this but I will leave you with a couple.

      > EN Community is small.

      Our English Community is probably relatively small in comparison to DE (German) or RU (Russian) and I don't believe we would have enough market for the actual marketplace.

      > EN Community is widespread.

      As you may have noticed through your time here at PokerStrategy our EN Community is very, very widespread. English is such a universal language that we have many users across the globe. From Canada to Australia and NZ.

      This would not be ideal for a marketplace. If you are selling items you wouldn't exactly want the extra cost of postage and packaging that you are likely to incur.

      We do have one in the German Community and it works well because 99% of the user base is in the same country. Unfortunately here in EN, that is not and will never be the case.

      I hope this makes sense to you :)

      Best regards,