Make it happen, story of my life.

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      I am 19 years old, poker player from Bulgaria I am familiar to poker since 12 and started winning money from it since 17, when I turn 18 I started playing online poker and with 30$ I won 3000$ get my car driver license buy myself a phone and used rest for my high school graduation, now I am back I don't have money maybe I have 20-30$ but I'll be back.

      " I did success in my first goal I did buy many thing with money I won on poker.

      :spade: My goals :spade:
      :diamond: Be active on the forum, be a known poker player :diamond:
      Get to nl 50 before the end of this year.
      Start winning enough money to life on my own
      In bulgaria if I work I can get 300$ for a month, why should I work for this amount of money?
      And here is my graph[/IMG]
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