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6-Max Crusher's Journal

    • zivkoleo
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 215
      Hello and welcome, PokerStrategeists

      :diamond: Poker History:
      It seems I'll be making a comeback to poker. I used to play limit holdem in 2009, when I was grinding $2/$4 and $3/$6. Before I quit, I was in the TOP250 race where I was leading the English Rankings since I was 12+ multitabling ( Happy to see that opal99 became a black member. I quit because I decided it would be better to continue with university (Electrical engineering and Computer Science). Still, I went out while I was winning, $4k+. :)

      :diamond: Present:
      Now, I noticed some $22 leftover in one of my accounts (not tracked). And decided to give a try, just for the lolz. But this time, No-Limit 6-Max is the game of choice. Also, this time I have a totally new approach to the game, only two tables rush poker. Gives you time to really think about the situation and to still get a nice volume of hands.

      And the results for the first 10k hands are great. I have hardly 2k hands on NL10 here I'm 10 buy-ins up. On the graph last 4k are mixed NL5 and NL10.

      Comment: The non-showdown winnings can be higher because many times when I have the opponent beat on the river with large pot and I'm OOP, and I know he's got air or busted draw, I check because there's no way I'll get called if I bet, but I give him a chance to bluff me. (most of the times I was right)

      Comment: I'm winning from the blinds. That gives me a lot of confidence, but I don't know if it's just the sample size, since I still haven't seen a winning player for these positions.

      :diamond: Summary:

      For now I'm confident in my game, since I have the non-showdown and blinds winnings covered and the Trial Leak Buster on Holdem Manager doesn't report any leaks. Because of this I don't plan on learning anything until the later limits since for now the game plan is working for me great. I'll probably be an employed person soon, so I'll be more relaxed regarding the needed buy-ins for the next limit.

      Cheers, Zivko :)
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