Hey guys, I've been on pokerstrategy as long as I've been playing poker, about 6 months. In that 6 months I've sucked out my bankroll 5 times (my bankroll ranges from $25 to $50). My last $25 deposit lasted a week and it's pretty devastating.

I feel like I know the basic concepts for this level and I constantly invest time in reading articles numerous times until I have a firm grip of the topic, i.e agressive bet types and when to use them. However, I find myself sitting down, well rested, well prepared and motivated for a session but by 300 hands I've spewed away multiple buyins on second best hands. I know it's my play and not a downswing because people normally bounce back from a downswing...

I was wondering if anyone who's had success in the lower stakes could offer some advice on where to go from here, because at the moment I'm finding it difficult to stay motivated and work on my game if 1. it's costing me more money and 2. everytime I step up to the lowest level of this game I get beat down like a dog.

p.s Any info on my play or gaps I've left here just ask and I'll fill you in pretty quickly, I've also uploaded 15 hands to the forums recently if you want to see how I play before giving advice