PT with SNG tables...

    • TimoDee
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      Hey guys I've played 3 sng tables y'day and the only thing that's displayed in my PT is the tournament I entered and the fee paid. Even though I've won one and came 2nd in the other, it doesn't say anything in the "Amount Won" column and my ROI is -100%

      Anything I can do so that it keeps track of all my sngs as well ?
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    • Dippy19
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      Moved to right section for a better answer. Btw the poker room is Stars.
    • Kimber88
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      I have just downloaded PT3 and I have the same problem.

      Anyone who knows how to deal with this?
    • Gamer135
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      In PT3 (I don't know about earlier versions), you have to enter your tournament results manually.

      There should be a toolbar just above the Import/Texas Holdem/Table Tracker tabs. If you select 'Tournaments' and then select 'Enter Results', you will see a list of the tournaments you have played in. Enter your data for each tournament, and don't forget to save both the upper and lower sections.

      If it's a 1-table SnG, you can use the auto fill feature and save yourself a lot of typing.