[Application] LT3 - 60s 6m hypers 10k games [SOLD OUT]

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      cjbridle1 on stars

      My BR has taken a hit due to buying a house with my wife and a downswing at the 200s-100s. I am looking to sell some action again to lower my stress levels while I grind SNE.

      I am selling up to $6000 of action for a 10000 game block of the 6m hypers on stars. Profits/losses will be split at the end of 10k games. Stoploss is $6k.

      Example payout:
      I make $500 profit and you have 10%. I will send you your original stake $600+$50(10% of $500) = $650.

      I make a loss of $500 and you have 10%. I will send you back $550 (your original $600 less 10% of the total loss).

      This deal is for profits ONLY.
      1% = $60
      5% = $300
      10% = $600

      Payments can be made on stars/MB

      Stars - cjbridle1
      MB - PM me for details.

      Please reply in this thread to reserve your piece and ship $ ASAP to confirm.
      I am playing around 500 games/day. I expect this to be completed ~20-25 days after it starts.

      My previous staking thread:

      LT3's $100-$300 STTs//FINISHED! TY EVERYONE HAPPY NY!!!!

      My lifetime 60s hypers:

      this is 3% ROI lifetime. EV line is bugged in HM, sorry.

      I am in the process of unblocking my SS ( should be available within 24hrs).
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