Not being able to import hands into sitngo wizard

    • ozzy31
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      I got the sitngo wizard trial and for some reason i can't get the hands i have played at coral poker and full tilt poker imported into it.

      I use PT4 and I have tried pressing "open tournament folder" in the wizard and then selecting the same files I have set PT4 to get the hands from. Sadly it seems that the wizard cant find any sit n go's from these files...

      So can I please get some help with this, Thank you already in advance :)
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    • netsrak
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      This is the HM forum, not PT but i think i know the answer :D
      PT4 moves the handhistory files to the processed subfolder (i think its located in the PT4 program folder) after importing them. So you need to configure SnGWizzard to read from this processed subfolder.