Where to start? [Suggestions & reasons]

    • DrumazDrum
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      Hey there, the PokerStrategy community,

      I recently started to play cash NL10 SH games (after a huge pause). I'm an amateur (I do think I'm, but still, I follow news about poker, know something about this game) and want to spend some time playing poker.

      The main question would be where do You think it is worth to play these micro limits, which poker room do You prefer and especially WHY? Or maybe in which poker room I definetely should not try to play cause of high amount of regular players, etc. ?

      I do think, some of You understood my question and it would be great if You leave any feedback, information or other stuff in this thread.

      Thank you in advance!
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    • SheepMoose
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      No point worrying about an abundance of regulars at the micros. There's rarely more regulars than fish at the tables at NL25 and below. When there are it's usually as easy as moving to another one to find some fish.

      Pokerstars is good. Plenty of people/tables at all times.
    • legand73
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      Hey DrumazDrum

      You're at the right place here at ps.com to get advice. I would suggest taking our beginner's course for a start as it's a great way to improve your game while you play at the micros.

      As SheepMoose said it doesn't matter so much about regulars at the micros since there will be an abundance of fish. I would advise playing at pokerstars because of traffic at all times again as Sheep mentioned. Make sure you sign up using this link so you get tracked by the way.

      oh also moved thread to Beginner's questions for more appropriate exposure

    • RasTweet
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      Hey DrumazDrum

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com! If you want to get more into poker you are surely at the right place!

      PokerStars is a great start! Lots of fish and lots of traffic there. If you however wish another room and don't know which one check out this thread. It is designed to find the perfect poker room for you.


    • DrumazDrum
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      Thanks for info.

      Guys, what do you think about rakeback? Where rakeback system is realy worth to try?
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      Hey there,

      Rakeback is not really a necessity for the micros.

      IMO, it is better to worry about building a decent strategy, working on your game development than eeking out a few $$ back here and there. Rakeback should be considered when you are playing NL50+

      Just my 2c of course!