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We are here to make money, right?

    • eatmyroll
      Joined: 05.02.2010 Posts: 671
      My name is Lukasz and I forgot how to play poker :/
      I’m Polish, but for last 5 years I’m living in uk and working here as Zamboni driver.
      I played my first hands few years ago, never thinking seriously about game, always the minor reason for learning and playing poker for me was fun.

      I’m winning player on zoom nl25FR on over 0,5kk sample, with 4bb/100. Last two months was quite hard for me, I was over 30BI under EV after playing 150k hands. I still was b/e, but I started to tilt a lot and whole fun side of poker disappear.
      I decided to take few weeks brake, work on my mindset and try to do everything to make sure that tilt from poker table want affect my private life, what unfortunately was happening over last two months.

      Now I will give myself one more chance, but in the same moment, when my run on poker tables will start to have any influence on my private life I will give up and find new hobby.

      My bigger issue is tilt and laziness.. That’s why my first step, before I decided to come back on poker tables, was going thru “Treat your poker as a business” again.
      For whole next week I will try to do everything to follow all LeatherAss tips and hopefully it will help me stay calm and come back on wright way, as ATM tilt came back again, as for last 30k hands after brake I’m not running to well:

      I’m going on holiday on Friday for 10 days, I’m not planning to spend even a minute on poker tables in this time, but will try to go thru as many mindset books as possible to prepare myself for sick grind (sick for someone, who on top of poker is working fulltime, of course:D ) without any symptoms of tilt.

      I will also try to make some short and long term plans and follow them without silly excuses.

      Plan for today – brake from poker tables, as last night cost me to much stress and I’m really angry, that again feelings took over from my brain on the tables.
      Plan for next week: focused on analyzing my previous session and videos more, than on playing.

      Longterm? Will see.
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    • LemOn36
      Joined: 07.02.2009 Posts: 2,130
      I never read it, but treating poker as a business when you have a fulltime job and you play microstakes seems like a counter productive Idea.

      Stop treating it like a business, start treating it for what it is -a hobby that can one day be a career, and most of all have fun and play because you want to, try new plays explore new format and push your limits and even better - detach yourself from the results which are, frankly, irrelevant completely when you have a full time job (not that one should pay attention to them when they play poker 100% anyway)

      Best of luck
    • eatmyroll
      Joined: 05.02.2010 Posts: 671
      I think I wasted already to much time for poker, without even trying to improve and going up with stakes, so this time I’m giving myself last chance to change my attitude and try to go higher and make some serious money or give up.
      I think my free time I worth more then 12$/h on mikrostakes and if in next few months I want be able to at least double up, to level up with my wages at work, there will be no point to play any more. Its better to spend this time with my wife or friends;)

      Last week was hard for me, I had to work more then usual and on top have to spend extra time to prepare for holiday and sort out all boring home and office paperwork, so I didn’t have as much time to play and learn as I was hoping when I was planning my week.
      I didn’t look to cashier at all, it helps me to tilt less then usual, but still I wasted few BI without any logic reason.
      I will check cashier and graph tonight after last session and probably post it into my blog.
      From now I will check cashier one a week, with time, if my BR will let me, will do it once a month.

      Time for plans:

      Creating realistic expectations
      I’m working full time, on a shift pattern. On my week of dayshift (Tue-Sat) I have whole Monday and Sunday for myself. All other days, lets be realistic, I can’t play more then 2-2.5k hands/day. Let’s say on Monday, Saturday and Sunday I will find time to play 4k hands/day. I can’t also forget about giving myself day off to don’t go mad.

      That’s all together gives me around 19k hands/week + some time for improving my game (probably only on Monday, but I can always try to find some time to watch videos or go thru most important threats on forum when I’m working).

      On late shift I can play similar amount of hours, but should find more time for session review, sweet session and movies. I can play 4hours (2X2hours sessions) Mon to Thu, 3hours Friday and probably 2h Sat and Sundays.
      On top of this time I would like to spend at least 5h learning (+ time when I’m working, if possible). And one day off from poker.
      That’s all together gives me around 20h of play and 5h to improve game.

      After I will come back from my holiday (end of August) I will try to plan every week at least few days before and follow my plan doesn’t matter what. It will be hard to make long term plans, but I will try.

      I guess it want be easy, playing when I’m tilted, tired, not focused enough, but I will do it and hopefully with time I will use to grind sick amount of hours and all problems with laziness will disappear.

      I will try to be the toughest boss I ever had for myself, if it want work over next month and I want be able to change my attitude I will give up. Winning for next month doesn’t matter, only thing I will have to achieve is being consequence and fallowing my plan.
    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      Hey eatmyroll

      Welcome to our blogging section. you sound like a busy guy working full time + playing 2.5k hands a day. I hope all goes well for you and the more you put in the more you get out. Good luck with everything.