• champ44
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      hi guys u hv never used hm2 or pt but now i hv downloaded the trial version ..can any 1 tel me {if it is possible} how to put hand histories from my laptop into it possible to put my earlier hands in hm2 and analyis my play in replayer..
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    • netsrak
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      Handhistories are saved in files on your laptop or home computer. It depends on the pokersite you are playing whether they are written and where to find them.

      If you have them you can copy them to your other computer and import them into HM2 via hand importing-> import file/folder.
    • martinstids
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      First of all open ur poker client and find hand history options. Then click - save hand hisotry in folder C:>(Your poker client ).
      Then play ~5-10 hands and open hm2, go to hand importing - Auto import > find ur folder where poker client saves ur hand hisotry. When hm2 will read all thes hands they will show up in hm2 and u can review them and look graphs