Got my self in a tricky spot - Advice please?

    • Craigsy633
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      I was in the BB and intended folding to any bet.

      Nobody bet and I was in the hand before I knew it with a hand I would not normally play. I hit top pair and a flush draw on the flop and then started to flap a little.

      1. Should I have called/raised or folded to the bet from DCCZZL? Who had been pretty tight and aggressive all session

      2. Should I have folded when he went all in?

      I put him on a trips, or top pair with bigger kicker

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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, Craigsy633

      There is an expression:
      "Never go broke in an unraised pot"

      Seems to apply here.

      By what do I know?
      I'm a mod, not a coach.

      Why not post the converted hand history in the Hand Evaluation forum?

      There, one of the professional hand judges can give you an expert opinion.

      All the best,
    • SpiritMountain
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      VorpalF2F makes a good point, it's important to review your decisions after you play so you can learn from your mistakes and successes. Tools like the Hand Evaluation form can help you determine the best strategy next time you're in the same spot.

      Good luck!