[NL2-NL10] Got into a tricky spot- advice please?

    • Craigsy633
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      I was in the BB and intended folding to any bet.

      Nobody bet and I was in the hand before I knew it with a hand I would not normally play. I hit top pair and a flush draw on the flop and then started to flap a little.

      1. Should I have called/raised or folded to the bet from DCCZZL? Who had been pretty tight and aggressive all session

      2. Should I have folded when he went all in?

      I put him on a trips, or top pair with bigger kicker

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    • kymupa
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      I think you played good here.

      Preflop there's nothing else we can do.

      On the flop I like leading out and once we get raised calling looks good.

      Once he shoves the turn I think folding is good as we are not getting the right odds to call.