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PT4 filter

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      Moved this to the correct board for you :)
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      Originally posted by rosakatt89
      how can i filter PT4 so i can see what street im winning most on ? :)
      We do not have a report that displays the win rate per street for the Active Player, we did not include this because we never anticipated someone would need to know this... but we did include a global database win rate by street graph which shows the total player population.

      Since we do not have a report that shows this, I suggest you start by creating a My Report by selecting New Report - > Player Report - > By Position. Then create a filter to review each street winnings, this part is a little tricky because it is counter intuitive, for example to show all hands that ended preflop you need to create a filter for NOT (Saw Flop), for all hands that ended on the flop filter for NOT (Saw Turn). You can build this in the filter by selecting Actions & Opportunities - > Street -> enable the switch for the filter that confirms you Saw that street.

      Next click Add to Filter and then select that filter group and click NOT.

      Reproduce this for each street, you can duplicate this report to save a version for each street, then modify the filter so the street data you need is saved within the report.