Learning Curve - Starting with FL

    • JLeitmotiv
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      OK, so here I am, trying to teach a good friend of mine how to play poker. And I've realized I don't actually know how to do it. I don't know of any good way to have a learning curve, I would never recommend anyone to follow PS silver tables for openraising, and I don't know how to help him to start.

      My advice so far is: "Here, get this table, count odds properly and mark every hand you feel like talking about", but I think there is probably a better way to go through the beginner steps towards poker.

      Anyone here can give me a proper path to follow, maybe "watch this vids" or "read only this articles"? Thanks
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    • metza
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      I dunno about FL, but from the start once he knows all the hands eg. flushes straights etc. the next step from there is outs and pot odds, I imagine this is even more important in FL than NL. Then I would teach him/get him to learn about positional awareness as this is also very easy for beginners to underestimate.
    • kavboj84
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      Well first I'd explain how gambling works, what EV is and how it relates to poker, so you can understand how one can make a profit. Then introduce game theory as a strategy approach to games with classic examples like rock-paper-scissors and AKQ game, then the [0,1] game as a model of poker, and after he understands the theory of GTO play, I'd explain different exploitative strategies according to each playing style/player type, how they deviate from 0 EV play and how can they be exploited. I'd introduce the necessary notions (different odds types, v-beting, bluffing, standard lines etc...) just in time when needed.
      This is a theoretical introduction to poker, and after the student understands this completely, I'd show how this works in practice with analyzing hands watching videos of live play etc, and how people play using huds, making notes, analyzing their own and their opponents play and so on...

      BTW there is nothing wrong with the silver charts if you know the purpose it was built for and you use it as a reference point and not stick to it by any means.
    • taavi1337
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      charts at the beginning!, post lots of hands, _watch lots of videos_ , DC etc, ??? profit!
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      Originally posted by taavi1337
      charts at the beginning!, post lots of hands, _watch lots of videos_ , DC etc, ??? profit!
      Pretty much exactly how it went for me :)
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      when i learned to play FL by Leader .. gave me a hand chart. I had some knowledge from nl so i knew flushes beat quads :D (joke) he gave me a few pointers on not to play 17/12/5 that i should cbet close to 100% because its more profitable than 40% in nl.. etc

      first give him a hand chart and explain why it is neccessary to NOT LIMP and be passive. tell him why you make a profit of one play. make him comfortably with the losses he "should" experience in the start. help him look through his hands and show him his mistakes and why they are mistakes and what he could do instead which is better.

      Make him understand you shouldn't limp AA to keep them all in the pot. Thats a common error a lot of newbies do "if i raise they fold and i dont get a profit out of my AA" they dont realize when all fold the blinds are his and the pot is won.