[NL20-NL50] Nl25 Kq

    • MarliesB
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      villain is likely a fish.

      Flop was very dry so I tried to bluff him out of the pot. Because he calls, I'll put him on tptk+ (maybe just tp+ if he's a fish). So then on the turn I'm not sure if I should bet, nor what to do on the river..

      PokerStars - $0.25 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      CO: 54.52 BB
      BTN: 93 BB
      SB: 65.84 BB
      Hero (BB): 73.8 BB
      UTG: 110.96 BB
      MP: 40 BB

      SB posts SB 0.4 BB, Hero posts BB 1 BB

      Pre Flop: (pot: 1.4 BB) Hero has Q:club: K:spade:

      fold, fold, fold, fold, SB raises to 3 BB, Hero calls 2 BB

      Flop: (6 BB, 2 players) 6:diamond: 8:spade: T:heart:
      SB bets 4 BB, Hero raises to 10 BB, SB calls 6 BB

      Turn: (26 BB, 2 players) Q:diamond:
      SB checks, Hero bets 12 BB, SB calls 12 BB

      River: (50 BB, 2 players) 9:heart:
      SB bets 12 BB, fold

      SB wins 47.76 BB
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    • EmanuelC16
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      Hey M,

      I would probably lean towards folding that flop and only play back with some small pair like 56, gutters, etc. You just have 2 overs, seems not enough given his bet sizing as well. If you do go with the raise, I prefer betting way bigger on the turn. You've hit one of your likely outs, 18bb and proceed from there.

      River is a fold. He won't turn pairs into bluffs and you are beat by both 7x and Jx.