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    • rich2681
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      Question 1: What is my motivation for playing poker?

      At the moment I am unemployed so I would like to use poker to make a small income to help me get by in the meantime. I enjoy poker and believe its not all luck. It would be very nice if i could perhaps become good enough one day to consider myself a professional and perhaps be good enough to get sponsors and play poker for a living.

      Question 2: My weaknesses
      I think my weakness currently are that I often play when i am tired, and make stupid mistakes that I wouldn't ordinarily make. I also become too passive in the middle to late phase of MTT's. I tend to find myself just trying to survive to the money instead of continue to play my strong hands. So basically fear of bowing out makes me fold a lot of strong hands. I'm having trouble spotting the Bluffs and the real strong hands. I am also confused when it comes to calculating pots odds and EV etc.

      Question 3: Playing tight aggressive.
      Playing tight aggressive means to be patient and wait for very strong hands like AA,KK,QQ and play them aggressively when you get them. the trouble i am having currently in the Low BI Mtt's is that no matter how strong your hand is you get a lot of people calling weak hands and getting lucky. Like for instance I had AA in late position so raised 4 Big blinds Like i'm supposed to. Big blind reraised so I call all in. He had 7 3o, he ended up hitting 2 7's on flop and one on the river to win. this kind of thing happens to me quite a lot...
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      Hey rich

      Welcome to the beginner's course. All the best for the course.

    • fruitcake1
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      hey Rich, Im new to the forums but been playing a while. Stick to your BRM and learn to live with the gross suck outs. They're a part of the game I've been dealing with lately too @ NL50 and medium mtt. Like getting hit in the chest with a ballpean hammer when u lose 50$ to hand as u described but happens and quite often and at any limit. gl to us
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      Hi Rich,

      Welcome to the course. I will be helping you out on your journey.

      Congrats on finishing the first homework.

      Looking forward to your next homework,