3bet calling range

    • MarliesB
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      when I have hands like AA/KK, perhaps AK, I almost always 4bet and try to get all the money in.
      1) Is this the correct play? When should I just call a 3bet.
      2) Can I assume other people do this too? Too often when I 3bet and I have callers, I assume that they have AA/KK in their range so I think that my hand does worse compared to their range (like, less outs) which influences my actions.

      EDIT: What's a good approximation of a 3bet call range?
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    • mkjmkjmkj
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      i think against a tight 3betting range you should 4bet because you might loose value against AK QQ KK when overcards come or AK doesent hit an A or K.
      I also think you should not call them out of position unless you have a good reason to do so.
      if villain seems to be very aggresive and barrels a lot postflop in 3bet pots then it might be better to call.

      But in generel i think 4betting and calling 3bets has about the same EV but im not sure since i dont have a sample size that can support it.

      i dont know what stakes you play i play nl25 where ballance should not be a concern.
      but i think if the EV doesent matter you can just as well be ballanced.

      so i think if you generally combat 3bets by calling then call them a lot and if you generally combat 3bets by 4betting then 4bet them a lot.

      to me it makes me more comfortable knowing i have them in my 4betting range because then i can 4bet bluff more. But i do call them sometimes.