titan poker bad customer service

    • anne828
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      I registered with titan poker and got bombarded by their online help before i could even check the site out.
      I signed in to a $10 tournament to see what the play was like before moving up to higher limits when after 2 hours in and doing well i started losing connection and folding good hands at critical times.
      So i thought i would speak to the eager online support to which i was told is was my connection which is not the case as i have 3 different providers in my house and never lose connection with any other poker site, anyway it continued until i could not play any more, so i decided to close my account as i dont want to risk connection problems when in higher stakes, So i asked to close my account at which time i was told i was missing out on free token and bonus to which i replied whats the point if it keeps disconnecting anyway 30 mins of talking to their support and still they did not close my account so i emailed them to try that way, 3 emails later and them telling me it is my fault i closed it.
      I will not be using any ipoker skins ever again as i don't like the way i was treated and the play is terrible.
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    • pockettones
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      iPoker actually has a pretty high bandwidth usage so I think its quite possible you could have net issues (I can't play there it uses too much of my net). There was no need to close your account either, just don't play on iPoker? And if you asked them to close your account, and they closed it, I don't see what the problem is. I do wish iPoker did something about it's crazy bandwidth though....
    • iang123
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      I have had the same problem with poker 770 and have read posts from wh coral and many other ipoker skins, and looking into this further have heard of many players leaving as they can not play without being disconnected.
      When i complained to 770 support i was told that no one else has problems and that it was my fault so i will never use ipoker again.
      The thing is i have just found out pokerstrategy is owned my ipoker so would have thought they would do more to help.