[NL20-NL50] nl20 88 vs UTG

    • DrDunne
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      $0.10/$0.20 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players

      BB: $27.59 (138 bb)
      UTG: $41.08 (205.4 bb)
      Hero (MP): $29.36 (146.8 bb)
      CO: $18.61 (93.1 bb)
      BTN: $19.90 (99.5 bb)
      SB: $29.73 (148.7 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is MP with 8 8
      UTG raises to $0.60, Hero calls $0.60, 4 folds

      Flop: ($1.50) 2 9 A (2 players)
      UTG bets $1.05, Hero raises to $2.60, UTG calls $1.55

      Turn: ($6.70) 8 (2 players)
      UTG checks, Hero bets $4.02, UTG raises to $12.80, Hero???

      villain is a reg, 21/18 over 274 hands. cb flop - 100%, cb turn - 75% and RFI in UTG =15%.

      i decided to turn my 88 into a bluff on the flop because he cbets too often and i expect quite a few folds. i also dont want to face barrels because there are quite a lot of turns that i dont like. i'm only trying to make him fold TT-KK and other hands that miss so i dont make it too big - i dont think he'll call OOP with these hands.

      i hit on the turn but his checkraise is pretty sick... what do you think?
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    • mbml
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      I don't like the Flop raise. You either call or fold immediately. Given that you are in UTG I would prefer folding right away. He probably hits the Ace or better 35-40% of the time on average.

      And there are plenty of other better hands to bluff raise here like KQ.

      As played he mostly has the flush here so you are in a really tough spot. I don't think you can call, given that there's so little money left behind.