Edinburgh here

    • Muffin
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      i move from germany to edinburgh and search some poker people who can show me the town. caution: my english is not so good, but i hope it would be better when i stay longer here.^^
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    • Yoghi
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      Best way to learn it is by speaking it :)

      (Also typing and becoming active on those forums might help)

      Maybe you should try it here; Bonnie Scotland - Home of true TAG's
    • Flopper8
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      Hello Muffin...

      I thought I would tell you about a thread I started in order to find out how many of my fellow scotsmen/women are members of ps.com but as you can see via "Bonnie Scotland - Home of true TAGS", there doesn't appear to be many. In-fact, there are only 3 ( including yourself :P ?) who have owned up (signed up)- but there is hope...

      Nobody from Edinburgh has signed up to the thread yet. However, I live near Edinburgh and I know it quite well so I might be able to help you with your sightseeing/shopping/clubbing/gambling :P (whatever) so sign up to the above thread ok and we will see what can be done. ;)