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[NL2-NL10] TT in last early position

    • davidangel
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 456
      I am in a ring game in the last early position and looking at TT.

      I am playing a game of NL10 and have played one hand that made .15 and paid out 4 blinds. My stack is 1.55 and I am in the last early position. The pot is unopened. SSS tells me to fold the TT I am looking at. Instead I standard raise .40. The SB calls and others fold. Flop is 2 5 9 rainbow. Check to me and I am all-in. SB calls and shows 66. Turn J. River 5.

      Did I play that correctly?

      If the flop came A K 7 is it prudent to fold to an SB bet on the flop; as the pot odds are just barely in the 2.5-4.1 ratio?

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    • greyboy
      Joined: 19.07.2006 Posts: 3,052
      1. You played corretly.
      2. On the Ace board you can fold easily.
      3. Please post a converted hand history next time :)
    • Whywait1
      Joined: 27.08.2008 Posts: 3
      So your in the cut off position & the pot is "unopened" (Never heard that sorry, if it means everyone has folded .40 was the correct raise. If it means players limped in & no one has raised .40 was incorrect, add one blind for every limper in your raise.)

      No raises hey, And pocket 10's, very nice. SSS tells us to raise if no player has, when holding pocket 10's / 9's (Except if in early position.)

      Then your all in post flop after SB checks, your lucky he called. SSS also tells us to bet 66.66% (2/3rds) of the pot. So if there was 90c total, a bet of 60c would have deen perfect. (You do want players to give you their money - Give player(s) the wrong pot odds you will win in the long term).

      If there are overcards in the flop / and you have not hit. The best option is to fold if the pot odds given by another player do not warrent calling, yes fold. And if the odds tell you that your pot committed & there are cards to come, in a ring game go for it mate . We learn from experience.
    • raydoyle
      Joined: 12.07.2008 Posts: 32
      if you were playing sss you should have folded in early position, unless it was nine handed