[NL20-NL50] KQ 3bet deep

    • mlatasrb
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      PokerStars - $0.50 NL FAST (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      Hero (BTN): 350.28 BB
      SB: 19.94 BB (VPIP: 24.19, PFR: 16.13, 3Bet Preflop: 1.96, Hands: 128)
      BB: 168.84 BB (VPIP: 41.18, PFR: 26.47, 3Bet Preflop: 3.70, Hands: 73)
      UTG: 22.12 BB (VPIP: 0.00, PFR: 0.00, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 5)
      MP: 159.42 BB (VPIP: 15.38, PFR: 13.46, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 57)
      CO: 101 BB (VPIP: 21.76, PFR: 15.88, 3Bet Preflop: 4.29, Hands: 172)

      SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

      Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has Q:club: K:spade:

      fold, MP raises to 3 BB, fold, Hero raises to 9 BB, fold, fold, MP calls 6 BB

      Flop: (19.5 BB, 2 players) 2:heart: K:club: 4:club:
      MP checks, Hero checks

      Turn: (19.5 BB, 2 players) 8:heart:
      MP bets 9 BB, Hero calls 9 BB

      River: (37.5 BB, 2 players) 8:club:
      MP bets 29 BB, Hero calls 29 BB

      Is my line ok? I am unbalanced, in this spot since I only cbet AK, AA, and bluffs, but I dont care since he most likely doesnt know it.
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    • mbml
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      but I dont care since he most likely doesnt know it.
      I'm not exactly sure if he knows this or not. I think any decent player knows that you are cbetting most of your air here, and checking back with your medium strength hands. He may be a nit but he's probably not as bad as a fish.

      Anyway I think you played it fine. This is at the top of your flop checking range so easy call down here. It's good to have some top pair hands in your Flop checking range.