Lesson #3

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      You are holding KQs. What is your preflop equity against an opponent who has 33?
      50.6% - 49.4%
      How does the equity change on this flop: J53?
      26.5 - 73.5%

      Question 2: What would you do in the following hand?
      I fold bc BU chkd flop and is suddenly re-raising. I put him on a 4 possibly p4's. I dont have outs against a str8 to make the call profitably.According to Equilab I would need 5:1 PO or better to make the call. Implied odds may change what I think but I dont fully understand those yet enough to comment.

      Question 3: Do you have questions about your postflop play? my pf play is embarrassing to a large extent, i feel ashamed of my task and want to quit now.

      Post your hand for evaluation.
      to be cont'd
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