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    • racenutalways
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      How come these poker rooms ask for photo ID from some and not others? I recommended this site to a few people who have been asked for photo ID from both Titan and FT and said, fuck it, they'll stay where they are.

      If they are gonna ask for photo ID, I'll stop recommending. LOL
      It's a pain in the behind, and people don't want to bother, not everyone has scanners. Hell, or even a driver's license for that matter. LOL
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi racenutalways,

      We are making these ID-checks randomly.
      I know the ID verification is irritating but it is necessary in order to prevent double accounts and cheating attempts!
      To make a copy of your ID you don't necessarily have to use a scanner. You could use a camera instead.
      I hope you understand our point of view and that it is necessary for us to make these ID-checks.
      Hopefully you didn't loose your faith in Pokerstrategy!

      Best regards,
    • MrCupidStunt
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      At first I was skeptical about it, but did it anyway. I was transferred the cash speedily and now have a nice BR. I suggest if your friends dont want to prove who they are then they shouldn't accept the free starting capital or deposit using their own money.