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    • fruitcake1
      Joined: 30.10.2010 Posts: 61
      I think I get tilted by things outside of the actual poker game and become a asshat in a hurry, re; English as a second language. Im also not great at typing or expressing myself in print which only leads to me getting angrier when someone accuses me of being a intolerant criminal. If u can't find ppl who speak English for the English video's podcasts then I think Im in the wrong place. Your being disrespectful to me when I have to rewind or review things over just to try & understand what's being said Not what is being taught.
      Instant tilt and total disrespect. Another thing if u want to learn English their's lots of material online. I've heard of RosettaStone which is supposed to be good but Ive never used it. GL
      If someone is going to accuse me of racism disrespect and intolerance and not have their hand spanked too then Im in the wrong forum and can move elsewhere. I didnt post my comment bc Im intolerant. The 1st sentence I said I could listen to hassenbratten np and then chenny8888 np but I was labelled an intolerant racist and nobody seems to have any problem with that kind of disrespect? That's real intolerance and is unacceptable.
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    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,587
      Hey fruitcake1,

      Gary has already given you a great answer here: English as a Second language

      Please just accept that our coaches come from all over the world and try their best to speak English as well as possible. However, this means that their English won't be perfect.

      We try to get the best coaches around, which does mean that we won't only get people who speak English natively. If this bothers you, then please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused by this. However, this is also something you will have to accept. Their English may not be perfect, but the content our coaches offer is great, and that is by far the most important thing.

      I am genuinely sorry that you feel this way about us and our coaches. However, please understand that we are not trying to be disrespectful towards anyone with anything we do. Everything we do, we do to provide our users (which of course includes you!) the best experience on our site as possible.

      Also, nobody has labelled you as anything of the sort. If you feel this has happened to you, then please accept my apologies once again. However, I think you may be making a bigger problem of this than there actually is.

      I will now close this thread again, since your tone is quite aggressive again, like Gary already mentioned in the previous thread. Thank you for understanding.

      If you would like to contact us about the matter again you can do so privately by contacting our customer support department, which you can find here:

      Kind regards,