PT4 question (hand replayer)

    • RobertDaPro
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      I can not figure out how to put a bunch of hands (whole session) for example to hand replayer and then just flick them trough there without having to open another hand seperately.

      Hope that explained my question well :)
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      Hey Robert,

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      Robert -

      The key to reviewing an entire session in the replayer is by using the Right-click button on your mouse in any hand report where there is a list of hands displayed (a hand report), then select Replay All Hands in the Report. Once the Hand Replayer is opened, you can use a series of keyboard shortcuts to move around within each hand (or hands) quickly, to learn the shortcuts click Options -> Navigation.

      Pro Tip: Hand Reports typicall display just the 100 most recent hands, if you played more than 100 hands in a session then you should Display All Hands before opening the replayer.