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    • cosminbballRNMD
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      Hi guys, i was playing a 3.3 $ mtt on pokerstars, the blinds were 100/200, i min raised with 66 from ep , the button re-raised me and i shoved my 23 bb stack, the btn had qq and i was out from the tourney. Usually i fold in these spots and sometimes i call and play very carefully post flop but this time i was a little tilted because i lost 2-3 hands before an all in pot with AA's vs 99's and that's why i shoved 23 bb stack. I wanna know what my optimal play would be in these situations.
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      Hey cosminbballRNMD and welcome to the forums =)

      Would be happy to see you around more often!

      First of all I want to make you aware of our free hand evaluation forums:

      If you post your tournament hands there you will get valuable feedback from our professional hand evaluators (for example from me). The following guide explains how you can get the most out of your hand and which informations you should always include:

      Regarding your hand I don't think that your play is generally bad. If your opponent is quite loose it is very possible that your push was maxEV.
      Alternatively I would suggest folding. Calling isn't the best idea because you don't get enough implied odds to call for set value (20 times the amount you have to pay left behind for both players) and at the same time the hand will be hard to play when you don't hit your set.

      If you have any further question feel free to ask!