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    • MrBFC
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      Hi guys,

      My name is MrBFC, I'm a 22 year old guy from Belgium, and I recently started to play Poker online. I've been playing it offline for about three years now, with regular long breaks, because offline cash games with friends doesn't give me what I look for in a poker game.

      Always being too young to play for real money online, I never got to start it, but now that I'm eligible to do so, I'm really excited and can't wait to start!

      I really like the SNG type of play, so I'm looking for ways to become better in MTTs in general. I have NO experience at all at this (online), and a real life friend of mine referred me to this site.

      I hope I can learn a lot from you guys, and if someone thinks he could help me on the way with some basics or some tips, feel free to contact me!

      See you soon on the boards,
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