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      Hi there

      My name is Gary, and I am from Switzerland. I play poker casually during the week and on weekends.
      I started playing poker many years ago, but never took it that seriously. I recently discovered Omaha and its variants and have switched to playing that only.
      I mainly play PLO Zoom and have found that I play best with PLO100 limit.
      I have watched many videos, and worked through all the PLO vids on this site.

      I got my inspiration and proper intro to Omaha from lechrumski's "Build your Edge" videos, they are the best to take you through PLO from A - Z.

      So currently I play when I have a few spare minutes, and ZOOM allows me to do this.
      So this means I may have up to 10 sessions of playing a day, and a session normally lasts from a few minutes to 10-15 minutes. I dont have time for more than that at the moment during the days.

      My goal is to get to PLO 2.5/5.0 and higher, currently my BR is at 4766.3 USD, which brings me almost to the 50 buyins required for the level I am playing.

      I am going to use this blog as a way to track my progress, wins and losses as well as to post hands and ask questions. I Might also rant abit about life in general.

      Current BR 4766.3 = 95.3 % of 50 buying for PLO 100
      I am going to save this now and post my current graph in a next post.
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