FL Beginners by storge

    • storge
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      Hey, how did you like my coaching? Any criticism, questions, suggestions, praise, etc. - post it here, I definetly like to read some feedback, in any way! :)

      Thanks a lot in advance!
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    • Kim41k
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      Thanks a lot Storge! I enjoyed your coaching and got to know lots of usefull thingz. Keep like this. Hope to hear you next time. ;)
    • uni05mz
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      Storge, not much to say. In my opinion, you play a very soild FR style. You also answer the questions very well.

      Thumbs up - very nice coaching!
    • sedum77
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      Im a begginer but Your coaching is cool... I think.
      Good clear voice :) I understand what U talking to me :)
      Its hard to play, talk about 3-4 tables and read chat and anserw the questions but U do it well ;)

      Thx for this.

      sorry for my english ;) U can correct me :D
    • Tobiatch
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      great coaching. have some specific feedback: you always enumerate the hands which you valuebet against on the river. let it be you have AA board: T27K3 rainbow, mega fish calling you down - again - u name all the hands you bet against once more. at first it bothered me ("damn, a :baby: knows that"). but i have realized that it's just as necessary as evaluating every weak made hand. just to prevent you from falling back to automatism.
      thx again!