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Can anyone tell me something about my stats

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    • DjolusVicenus
      Joined: 15.11.2009 Posts: 259
      I am playing 6 max so if this is 6 max stats I can tell you what I see when I compare it to mine charts....

      I play at nl10 at the moment...

      mine average bb/100 is 8,4 I cant see yours...

      Mine VPIP/PFR for BU is 35,1/31,8

      And when I compare mine BU winnings are 360$. In a relation to BB losing 260$

      I think you are too tight from BU or you fold good hands form BB or you are doing something bad from BB and losing money that way...

      I hope this helps...
    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      i can't really say much because i don't play MSS, but im gunna agree with what DjolusVicenus said about your BU play - seems way too tight (and possibly CO as well). that said, i think another big problem is how you act when facing 3bets. you play MSS so you have ~30-40bb and therefore i just dont think there is any reason why you should have a calling range vs a 3bet - already 25% of your stack is gone preflop and then you miss the flop ~60% of the time so unless you are stationing down with a decent range you are probably leaking a ton by even having any calling range. also a 40bb stack will have very little room to maneuver postflop in a 3bet pot and any bluffs you make will pretty much commit you.

      you should probably also increase your own 3betting stat especially from IP but also from the blinds. if you face a lot of calls then 3bet a little wider for value, if you face a lot of 4bets then you should adjust your range so that you can 3bet/5bet.

      thats my 2c

      about your blinds loss rate i can't really say. BSS i tend to think ~-30bb/100 in BB and ~-15bb/100 in SB are good numbers to shoot for, but if you are folding a ton in the blinds - which you are - then thats probably why. if you increase your 3betting a little then it should improve a bit, just be careful postflop. also it might be very normal to have your sort of loss rate in the blinds given that you play MSS.
    • teofiloatienza
      Joined: 22.09.2012 Posts: 78
      thanks guys, actually thats what I thought when I first saw it, I also thought that my CO & BU is tight, and trying to make some adjustments and @DjolusVicenus its full ring mate.. you think I should also add more 3-bet bluff hands on my Blinds 3Betting range?
    • DjolusVicenus
      Joined: 15.11.2009 Posts: 259
      Dune is probable right, bare in mind I never played FR.

      As for 3-beting....

      I firstly used polarized ranges that I learned in Gold academy.

      During the coaching and watching some games, and complementing that to mine I play straight forward on limits I am current at.

      That means less 3 bet bluffs and focus more on 3 bet value.

      when I was polarized mine 3 bet stats were 11-13 now they are more like 6-8

      SB value 3bet range BU

      TT+, AKs, AKof in some instances , AQof ( when you have reliable stats )

      58 kombos, 4,37%

      As for creating your bluff range.

      Look at your Ranges for defending blinds. Bottom of that ranges are eligebt for 3 bet bluff.

      Basically mine range SB vs BU 20,38% ( 66+, A9s+, A5s-A2s, K9s+, Q9s+, J9s+, T8s+, 97s+, 86s+, 75s+, 65s, ATo+, KTo+, QTo+)

      Bottom edges of that range is potential for 3bet bluff.

      That means.. KTof, QTof, A2s-A5s, A9s-J9s, T8s, 97s, 86s, 75s, 65s,) 76kombos , 5,73%

      Watching coaches playing lower limits, and adopting a little to plays I see I play straight forward a bit more that Polarized 3bet suggest.

      If you are playing polarized your 3 bet form sb vs BU should be around 11%

      playing straight forward means less 3bet bluffs. Which result 4,37%+ 3~%= 7%~

      General guide lines while playing... OOP have more 3bet... IP have bigger calling range.

      Design your charts and use em as guidelines, not as solid brick...

      I have 0 Idea of FR concepts and game flow and charts and 3bet things in there...

      I play bss so mss is not mine area too...

      position+ initiative=money
      position+initiative+skill= lot of money.

      You make most money when your opponents do their decision under pressure.

      I try to help as much as I can...

      Have in mind I am just a beginner and all-most all I wright is based on what I heard on coachings and little of playing... around 1,5 months...