1st challenge - Get to 2500$!

    • smarnijss
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      My first and only goal is to get BR above 2500$ which i almost did few times in the last 12 months but as i had to pay my loan and other things i always started everything from beggining.
      But anyway as i'm already going to Japan in 29. December for school and work i decided that i should put as much hours as i can in poker for last remaining 4-5 months.

      So i don't know how long will it take to finish my first challenge but i hope to accomplish it in the next 2 months :)

      Anyway right know i have:

      600$ for cash
      48.56$ for sng,mtts

      For cash i will use the same BR managment as xflixx, so yeah gonna take many shots at NL16 and NL25 and hope to move up as fast as i can :)

      for sng and mtt's i will mostly play turbos, so 100bi for certain limit is a must. But as in these limits 50bi swings are standart(45man and 90man) than i think 150bi will be enough for them.

      Also i want to say BIG thanks to xflixx for putting his challenge in pokerstrategy otherwise i would never take this challenge myslef :)

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