[NL2-NL10] ATs - overplayed draw?

    • funktor
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      Was this correctly played?

      Regards Funktor

      Texas Holdem NL $0.02/$0.04 - 2008-09-09 21:45:07 Server

      Seat 3: DALY01 ( $2.25 )
      Seat 4: delumi ( $5.12 )
      Seat 5: AAAYA ( $4.49 )
      Seat 6: Gustave56 ( $2.73 )
      Seat 7: Chendlerr ( $1.81 )
      Seat 8: ladyVkrasnom ( $5 )
      Seat 9: Funktor ( $4.92 )
      Seat 10: YoUtry ( $4.41 )
      Seat 1: markbosma ( $10.81 ) [SB]
      Seat 2: modes252 ( $5 ) [BB]

      Dealing cards
      Your cards Ts As [Funktor]
      DALY01 folds
      delumi folds
      AAAYA calls $0.04
      Gustave56 calls $0.04
      Chendlerr folds
      ladyVkrasnom folds
      Funktor calls $0.04
      YoUtry folds
      markbosma calls $0.02
      modes252 checks

      Dealing Flop 9d Js 3s

      markbosma checks
      modes252 checks
      AAAYA bets $0.10 to pot of size $0.2
      Gustave56 folds
      Funktor calls $0.10 to pot of size $0.3
      markbosma folds
      modes252 calls $0.10 to pot of size $0.4

      Dealing Turn 9d Js 3s Ah

      modes252 checks
      AAAYA bets $0.25
      Funktor calls $0.25

      modes252 folds

      Dealing River 9d Js 3s Ah Qh

      AAAYA bets $0.50 to pot of size $1
      Funktor calls $0.50

      Highlight to see results
      AAAYA shows Qc Qs
      Winner is AAAYA $1.90

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    • atsjo
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      When u hit a flop like that, and u have position. Its better to raise, if he goes over the top and goes allin, u can fold, but then u know u have to improve ur hand to win. u want to build pot if a spade shows. on the next street with a toppair, ok kicker, and nuts flushdraw, potbet/overbet. Since ur up to atleast 8 outs(if ur beaten) and will be the agro, and prob the best hand, its better to press ur opponent to make a choice who will put theire stack at risk. u would prob won it at the turn but its better to win 2$ than loose1$:-\. Its not cetrain u would won it anyway, since some cant fold a nice pockets at this level, but ur hand is so strong that in the long term u will make money if its an allin turn. The only hand that beats u at the turn: set, 2 pair, and a better kicker. Set would played more agro since theres a drawy board, 2 pair (J-9) is possible but then u have alot more outs(17). and still u have fold eq.

      ATs jo
    • Kaitz20
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      I think you both can just call flop or raise, depends how strong you put opponent. I´d raise turn, you have tp and nut flushdraw and opponent bet small on the turn. Calling river is fine.