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      My name is Andrei and I am from Romanian Community. I would like to start playing SNG, but the problem is that I am not decided what should I play.

      I want to play SNG-ST, but in time I would like to start playing MTT's so there is my problem. Some members recommended me to play SNG-MT because would be more easy to pass to MTT's.

      So i wait for some advices.

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      Hello Andrei!

      Welcome to EN Community!

      I have moved your thread to our SNG discussion board for better coverage :)

      Regards to everyone in RO community!
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      Hello There,

      I would say it depends on your personal strengths, goals, and most importantly, bankroll.
      Having said that. I do think that starting off playing single table sngs is a great way to build up a bankroll for mtts without a lot of variance as well as giving you plenty of practice HU/SH which can be a huge difference in mtt payouts..
      Most people who play MTTS aren't that great at HU/SH cause they rarely run deep enough to get there. Having an edge in this Late phase of tournaments can be extremely profitable as the payout jumps become larger. For this St SNGs are great practice. I would recommend whatever tailors to your strengths the most when deciding between 6-max, 9 man, 18, 27, 45.. Keep in mind variance is larger with more ppl of course and your bankroll should be larger as well.

      GOOD LUCK, watch the vids and read the articles from this site and you will crush! If all else fails, Buy colin moshmans SnG book. Ive had it for years and still reread it from time to time. It's so good. reading and studying his strategy from that book almost completely ensures profitability.
    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, kasse1982!

      It's really a question about personal preferences. Me as an SNG-ST grinder, I will recommend you playing this format. I can't speak for everybody, but I will share you my thoughts:

      +lower variance, higher volume, more of a steady income(SNG-ST)
      +easier for beginners and to avoid tilt(imagine you play 6.5 hours and get deep in a tournament, you make 1 mistake and bust right before the final table)
      +most good(big BI) MTTs run weekends/night time only. Imagine you sit playing 6 p.m. hoping you play up until 2 in the morn and that's weekend time! When everybody wants to hang out.
      +with SnGs you are so much more flexible with your time, you get to enjoy the benefit of being a poker player
      +you need smaller BR to start playing SnGs

      -SnG-ST are getting pretty tough nowadays tbh. Table selection becomes a big issue once you move to midstakes, highstakes action is very limited.
      -your choice of rooms is also somewhat limited. Everything besides pokerstars can be a prob for multitabling

      There are so many more things to be added for both cons and pros, so if you ask around, I am sure you gonna hear different opinions and point of view.

      Anyway, best of luck no matter what your choice is! I would say the best is to chose something that you enjoy playing. You are gonna have to work constantly on your game, so pick something you like spending time on.

    • kasse1982
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      Thanks for your advices and Thanks HollyMichelle for this!

      If all else fails, Buy colin moshmans SnG book.

      I already bought these books:

      :club: Sit n Go Strategy - Collin Moshman (already finish reading Part 1 - Low-Blind Play)
      :club: Heads-Up - Collin Moshman
      :club: The Math of Holdem - Collin Moshman
      :club: Secrets of Sit n Go's - Phill Shaw
      :club: Secrets of non-standard Sit n Go's - Phill Shaw
      :club: The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2 - Jared Tendler

      From i read a lot psychology and watch videos and coachings. I don't read strategy articles because are the same as in the books (most of them) and the strategy is the same.

      My first choice was ST-SNG too so I will play them for a while. I use 100 BI for $3.5 and 150 BI for $7+.

      My next question is what is the most profitable type of SNG:

      :club: 9-max turbo
      :club: 9-max regular
      :club: 9-max turbo knockout
      :club: 9-max regular knockout

      I ask only for FR format because i need to gain more experience before play SH.

      I will watch your blog Kurrkabin. Already added to Favorite !!! :s_biggrin:

    • kurrkabin
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      Knockout tournaments are as fishy as it gets. However, you need to know ICM there gets a bit different thanks to the bounty added. So make sure you loosen up with your calls when you have the who shoves covered.

      Thanks for adding my blog to favourites, however, I didn't update it in like 5 months. Censure.. :P
    • kasse1982
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      This is my graphic after one trainning week at $1.5 9-max KO.

      Today i am going to make a deposit up to $300 (i already have $107 in my account - started with $45 for trainning) and i will start playing $3.5 9-max KO.

      I am familiar with ICM but need to study more on this subject. So far i start reading second chapter from Collin Moshman book - Mid-Blind Play.

      Thanks! I ll keep you up to date !!!