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    • EdRandom
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      I am EdRandom from Holland and I play cashgames 6 max on the micro limits.

      Question 1: What is your motivation for playing poker?
      I like the game more than chess or bridge.

      Question 2: What are your weaknesses when playing poker?
      Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

      Question 3: What does it mean to play tight aggressive?
      Tight means playing a selective group of hands so you have better hands,
      aggressive means that you are raising or reraising more hands than calling
      so creating fold equity.
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    • legand73
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      Hey EdRandom

      Welcome to the beginner's course. I trust that you will enjoy the course. From experience I can say that the course is a great step to discovering the depth of poker and easing into a lot of the content that can often seem quite complex. All the best.

    • BogdanPS
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      Hi EdRandom,

      Welcome to the course.

      I will be the coach that will help you out on your journey.

      I recommend that you spend a bit more time when going over the homeworks.

      Homework #1 is complete, good luck with the rest.

      Best regards,