Out Of Micro, Coaching Pls

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      So i've met this girl. She is pretty and smart, so i know money is getting me nowhere. But nonetheless im not going to say if she buys for the meals etc.

      So this is not getting me anywhere playing micro.

      I trade with some of my earnings, and the ones i have left, only allowes me to play nl2. But when i trade it is more of a savings acc, and not a acc i can use and spend from.

      Therefore i need coaching.

      I have never been able to be profitable in the longrun in 6max. I've had lots of success in fr, but i know 6max is more popular, and i want to know where i make the mistakes. Im playing with a be redline, and a slightly loosing blue. This is prob because i fold to rarely on turn bets. The rest of the stats are within the zone of solid winning players. (taken from pt4 stats)

      Back before i made my winnings in sng. But i cant make a profit on pokerstars in sng 9m. I've had a lot of success in 45m sng, with a roi of 67%, but this is not turbo tours, and then it requires me to plan for a longer period of time to grind.

      Therefore i want to go in to cashgame 6 max.

      I'm able to be a winnning playing at nl5 and nl10 playing 24 tables fullring. I can put in a lot of volume. But that is when i know im doing something right. And in 6max im not so confident.

      So lately i have been playing zoom, because the volume u can put in is just extreme, and hence u can get a high rakeback on stars, with actually grinding microstakes. BUT I KNOW the money dont come from rake, but from bad players. I know where i see one. But i have a hard time folding overpairs.

      And to be honest when i was grinding 24 tables fr, my profits came from the red line. The blue line was be or slightly loosing.

      Im tired of getting nowhere with micros. I want to be able to play atleast nl100. I have done that back when i was playing on partypoker, and with success.
      Because then with the volume, i can create enough to move away from my mother, AND to add a few bucks to my savings in trading.

      ATM i am trading the weekdays, and playing 1 or 1.5 hours poker, and then much more poker in the weekend. But since poker gets u further and faster with less funds, i want to improve in this aswell.

      Anyone can reccomend someone?
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