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    • unshpe
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      Hello guys,

      What is a quick way to transition from SNG/MTSNG/MTT (both fast and slow) to cashgames? Where does one start? What adjustements to make? What are common leaks that cost you $ in CG if you come from MTTs ? Whats a good way to train and start thinking REAL postflop poker ? Etc.

      Thanks a lot!
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    • JCSeerup
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      I would recommend watching a lot of videos by some good coaches, and start reading the forums for, that is the best advice I can give you.

      As for similarities between SNG/MTT and CG there aren't really that many, you need totally new ranges since you now have to play deeper and play more post-flop. Obviously you already have a good basic understanding of the game from playing SNG/MTT, but other than that you can't take much with you.
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      By posting in the right forum :coolface:

      Moved this to our NL board :)
    • thazar
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      Quickest and most efficient? get some coaching...

      The thing that too few people understand is how much hard work poker requires...
      So in the long term if you want to beat a game it is down to you, all the coaching in the world won't make you a winning player if you do not put the work in.