4 bet and 5 bet sizings?

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    • metza
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      I try to 4bet 2.25x IP and 2.5x OOP, and 5bet almost always is just all in unless the 4bet is very small.
    • oblioo
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      depends on:

      a) size of the 3bet

      b) effective stack depth

      c) what you're trying to accomplish

      d) position, as you alluded to

      i often like to 4bet to ~18% of the effective stack, assuming not particularly deep, but again it depends.
    • frazz4
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      IP say im UTG, open for 0.75 the button decides to 4 bet to 2.25 (assuming thats standard) I should 4 bet to 5.5 it im looking for value/ that could be a good 4 bet bluff size? or a bit bigger?

      and say for exsample

      ME UTG opens again 0.75 MP 3 bets to 2.25, button calls. what should 4 bets sizing be assume i have A,A

      you dont really want to see a flop 3 way OOP but any 4 bet over 6.50 will just take it down unless your lucky enough that the MP 5 bets to get the button out.