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boxing. your p4p number 10

    • RHart1985UKEngland
      Joined: 05.06.2008 Posts: 34
      anyone a fan of boxing?

      whats your pound for pound top ten right?

      mine has changed recently and could change again after the up n coming fights we'v got this month n next but here it is right now...

      1. manny pacquiao
      2. joe calzaghe
      3 antonio margarito
      4 kelly pavlik
      5 juan manuel marquez
      6 miguel angel cotto
      7 david haye
      8 chris john
      9 ricky hatton
      10 ivan calderon

      little biassed having ricky hatton on there right now...but im confident he's still the man at 140. after he whips malagnaggis arse he's justified to be there like.
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    • cannell555
      Joined: 06.03.2008 Posts: 2,410
      I would certainly have Calzaghe at #1. He is the most underated boxer of all time I think. Also Hatton wouldn't be in my top 20, he is past his best.
    • RHart1985UKEngland
      Joined: 05.06.2008 Posts: 34
      Originally posted by cannell555
      I would certainly have Calzaghe at #1. He is the most underated boxer of all time I think. Also Hatton wouldn't be in my top 20, he is past his best.
      JC used to be over rated big he is actually getting the recognition he deserves. saying hes the most under rated of all times a little ott like but i get what you mean. it all comes down to him not getting to go to the olympics all them years ago...i dont know the full story but i think he was stopped from cometing in the british team for some reason. otherwise he'd of been massive.

      the only problem with JC is...

      a. he fought his whole career at super middleweight and never moved up until late.

      b. he never fought bernard hopkins in hopkins prime. hopkins was the man at middleweight back in their prime and the fight never happened

      c. he never fought roy jones jr back when they were in his prime.

      d. he fought bernard hopkins a 43 yr old and he is going to fight roy jones jr whose been on decline for over 4 or 5 years. after not fighting them all them years ago to finally fighting them now speaks vomlume for me.

      e. he's dodged kelly pavlik to fight roy jones...if he didnt dodge roy jones all them years ago or b hop then whys he ducking pavlik now.

      you could say "oh he thought kessler rah rah rah" but beleive me...kessler isnt pavlik nor is kessler a young bernard hopkins or roy jones man.

      i like joe but he unfortunatly was managed all them years by the 1 and only idiot frank warren...he fought a lot of contenders and not enough super fights. you have to ask yourself if jc would be unbeaten had he fought all the fights that were there for him.

      you only have to look at other examples...

      de la hoya... excellent fighter and a living legend - still the biggest draw in boxing.

      every big super fight he had though, he lost just about.

      lost to - shane mosley (twice), bernard hopkins, floyd mayweather, felix trinidad. so every big fighter he fought he lost but won all the rest.

      thats what joes record would be like because he struggled with hopkins when hop was 43...imagine what bhop woulda done when he was only 35,36 and was the p4p best on the planet.

      this is just my own opinion on it like...its not nonsene but its all debatable init...its all valid points though...the what will be n what might of beens - all untold sories.

      as for not having ricky in a top 20 p4p list lol.

      fair play but i must see your list...i cant see how you could do me a top 20 list and not get him in it. so i must see the list. it'll be 1 hell of a list.
    • andrew119
      Joined: 22.04.2008 Posts: 2
      de la hoya? mayweather? pacquaio is good but i wouldnt say p4p best
    • Sholomo
      Joined: 18.04.2007 Posts: 32
      Pacquiao #1
      Calzaghe #2
      Klitschko #3
      and then there is a hole

      I think these 3 are just unbeatable at the moment in their divisions, even if Klitschko is boring as hell, he is so dominant I cant put any other boxer on 3rd place, coz there is no one in any other division, at least from divisions that I follow, I dont follow them all . Even though I like Chad Dawson, I cant see him fighting against Calzaghe, i am afraid he is too fast, dynamic and will outslap Dawson and easily take the round by round if they fight. Other boxers I like: Margarito, but I think Mayweather would destroy him, and actually any decent boxer with speed, stamina and chin could too, even Shane Mosley have much better chance than Cotto had. But he looked like he is done already.
      I also like Kelly Pavlik, would like to see him fight Abraham.