I tried Elephant on TP and I have some issues about it.

*If I sit down to omaha or tournament table or I just want to watch poker, the screen that I have to wait till statistic appears and none appear only black square which I cant stand. Sometimes I only want to watch some tournament and that black square is not able to dissapear. Its annoying. Please add feature to turn it off even when stats are not read in.

*In some heads up situation in titan on regular or minitables I cannot see cards of opponet due to his statistics. These cards are shown by elephant but only after game!

*In minitable view there is a lot of text on the right side. Yelow, player statistic and so on. Please make something to make it readable. Maybe to add some opacity would be great idea too.


I dont think that I will collect all points to licence this month. So if you want me to continue testing, please provide me with licence.