SNG blog: Big fishy donk on stars

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      Hey guys. I decided to create a blog about my way to High stakes in SNG.
      At first i would like to let you know about my challenge.
      I'll start with $100 and $3,5 stakes.
      I'll play HU HT and SNG ST and after i would add MTTs and SNG satellites to my range of games.
      My challenge is to earn $10 000, but deadline is 6/30 2014.
      I will bring you a news about my challenge and my steps. I will use a 30BI brm on micro and low stakes, but after crushing these stakes I will have to play more carrefully.
      My step goal is earn $100 to the end of august and move to $7 limits.
      Maybe this blog is really boring for u, but the main goal of this blog is information for me, how do I improve myself!


      :spade: bankroll: $100

      :spade: stakes: $3,5

      :spade: next goal: earn $100 to 8/31 2013 and with $200 move to $7 steps

      :diamond: MAIN CHALLENGE: $10 000 6/30 2014
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