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Starting hands

    • Katavich
      Joined: 16.07.2008 Posts: 176
      On starting hands chart it says that if we have AK preflop, we raise. I am asking more experienced players would they go all-in preflop with AK (you 3 bet opponent go all in), couse i lost most of the time with AK, for exymple 5 min ago with AKs.

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    • McGJunior88
      Joined: 11.09.2008 Posts: 4
      Very much depends on the situation.

      Short-stacked in a tournament, I'd be tempted to push, confident that I'm at worst a 40/60 underdog against a pair (other than AA or KK in which case you've caught a bit of bad luck).

      However, in no-limit cash, or in a comfortable tournament position, I'd probably call and see if I hit anything on the flop.

      Another thing to consider is position. A 3BB raise on the button would be appealing, but not when you're in 1st position.

      Just my two cents anyway.

    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      Hi Katavich,

      it depends...
      mostly on how much money you have left and if the opponent is aggressive or not.
      here you can see when it is profitable to push AK preflop after a reraise for a shortstack.
      It is normal that you loose with AK once or twice in a while. ;)

      Best regards,
    • racenutalways
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 179
      Hi, thought I'd pop in, AK is my singlest biggest loser since moving up to 20NL.
      In fact I lose 3.73BB/hand AKs over 24 times and earn .20BB/hand with AKo over 70 times, they do win a lot of small pots against small stack strategist, but lose to those big stack set miners. And often on the river.
      I win 10$ lose 30$ with these cards. Now, I read somewhere, that AK wins 50%. Losing 50% of the time is losing your stack and winning the other 50% a whomping 1$. My math isn't that great, but that is not a +win rate. LOL

      An opponent raises behind you. When do you go all-in? Your remaining money : Your original raise You go all-in with... 4:1 or higher AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK Between 4:1 and 2,5:1 AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, AK, AQ

      As I play big stack, this implies I should go all in every time?
      I raise to 1$, re-raised to 2.40$, I should push? What about the players style, table image?
      If and when I call to see the flop and an A or K makes an appearance, I like to size myself up with the size of bet my opponent throws off. At these levels there are many who will not let go of pocket 2s and up and catch one of their 2 outs.

      I lost my faith in AK HELP!!!!!!
    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      Hi racenutalways,

      The link I posted leads to the SSS chart!
      If you are playing BSS you can't use that chart! If you are loosing with AK a lot maybe you should analyze these hands (for instance with our Elephant ) and post hands where you are unsure in our evaluation boards (Fixed-Limit / No-Limit / SNG)
      To be totally honest with you: You don't loose because the hand is bad or anything. If it's just variance you can't help it. But if you are constantly loosing over a long period of time you really should analyze your hands, reconsider your play and find your leaks!

      best regards,