5-Card Draw: Table Theme, Hockeys and Betting Size

    • SonOfSonOfSpock
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      1) What Table Theme do you use?

      This is just for curiosity.
      I use the Saloon with the Original Front and Back Deck.

      2) Hockey's

      Do you use any Hockey's when you are playing?

      I use "F" to Fold, "C" to Check/Call and "R" to Raise.

      3) Betting Size

      I'm a Fixed-Limit Player almost all the time and I've never study Holdem or other game.

      I don't know how much should I raise Pos-Discart playing No Limit or Pot Limit in 5-Card Draw tournaments. Can you teach me?

      I know that Pre-Discart we should raise 3BB in the early stages of the tournament and 2.5/2.2BB in the final stages.

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