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make value

    • whatsuup
      Joined: 21.03.2010 Posts: 1,192
      Hey guys, Ive got a question for you.
      Since I started to watch vods and reading poker articles I almost often hear "it more beneficial to fold on flop here" or "it is better to fold preflop here"
      so the question is: is there any mathematical way how to evaluate that, for instance, limp low pocket pair is better than raise against the certain opp..or there may be some software?
      so, has anyone struggles the same questions?
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    • ShaQQ
      Joined: 07.10.2008 Posts: 162
      You really want to take initiative in most spots, I mean you can limp behind pocket pairs in FR if someone earlier has limped..generally best to isolate vs 1 opponent and limp vs multiple. To answer your question it's more a case of flop texture opposed to villain types, the only maths involved is the RNG in the software :)