PS.FR 6max FIFTY50 few Qestions

    • Kubaiscz
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      HeLLo from Czech PSG community :)

      1st at all, sorry for my horrible english :f_biggrin: butt in our community nobody can answer me.

      I move my BR to to play Mtt tournaments with 5-10e BI . Have some FT runs, but im still little worried abouth my BR, so i try find another format to decrase variace, or to rebuilding BR, and to get some RB. ( i change FPP for tournament ticket, its better to change for money without SN status i think )

      Im found 6max fifties, and i think there is can be some money, Field is verry soft, decent trafic ( when mix 3/5/10 solid mulltitabling )

      my Question is:
      1) what swings can i expect?
      2) how safe BRM must have?
      3) ist this format close to 6max don? or better use 6max sng strategy? ( in czech community are great videos producers for 6max sng: BOBOsvk +Duncan )

      I hope for anybody who can read this.
      Thanx and GL at the tables 4you.
      Kubaiscz, CZ community.
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    • acerbikas
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      I can tell that my friend persuaded me to try PS.FR out a while back while he continued crushing 3$-10$ F50s. In actuality, the field is very fishy and you can certainly make a profit there.

      I cannot tell you much about the strategy, but I know that he started out with approx 500e.