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Second Barreling "Light"

    • Evilpopcorn
      Joined: 02.05.2006 Posts: 184
      Ok so from my experiences in limit so far you get three kind of villian when it comes to there WTSD%.

      < 28% : Weak folds alot of the times the best hands
      29-35% : Goes to showdown enough of the time
      > 35% : Calls down alot

      Also i am dividing the villians into these three categories cos for me this number says alot about how they are playing there hands. This is also where i decided to try exploits these guys by firing alot more with lighther holding on the turn.

      For example against the 35%+ i will always be firing turn with 2nd pair, some times even third pair (if my 2nd pair just became the third pair cos of the turn). River is interesting but for the moment i wana focus on making a profitable turn bullet when holding less than top pair.

      Against the < 28% i am doing the same thing enjoying the overcard turn more as it will work well against him as a scare card as i know he folds too much. Once he calls turn. I am not feeling too good, but i still thinking firing alot of bullets on 2nd street against this guy with less than top pair is gonna be profitable.

      The other villian is the tough guy to play against.

      Also i am talking about the situation when u go heads up to the flop with initiative in all the above examples. I think going multiway to the flop and getting one caller and u got less than top pair is getting VERY thin.

      I am hope i am making my questions and concepts clear. Never being the best at explaining whats going on in my crazy head lol.
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    • ciRith
      Joined: 25.03.2005 Posts: 18,556
      You are talking about FR right? (As in SH >36 is weak.)

      I like you thought and I think you can go with them. You also should fold more if you get action from a low wts opponent.

      The middle range opponent depends on the board and your hand of course. If there aren't a lot draw available then you better give up on the turn with weak hands (3rd or - ) but on average a free showdownbet should be better as he might have peeled on the flop and gives a lot up on the turn.
      This makes the "folp/turn/river folded to bet %" value very interesting so you might add them to your HUD.
      If someone has a low flop value but a high turn value then you should even bet nearly anytwo again. The other way around is given as well. If he doesn't call a lot hands but sees a showdown with these very often then give up your (semi-)bluff on the turn and fold to a riverbet with no showdownvalue.
    • Evilpopcorn
      Joined: 02.05.2006 Posts: 184
      Fold to bet % per street ! Awsome reccomendation. Get a feeling alot of this guys peel flops and fold alot of turns when they miss.

      Thanks! Gonna go put it on my HUD now :D